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Now you can get the original tone that so many top name artists record and tour with in a portable cabinet unit. 

We have incorporated our Long Tank, 3 spring tube reverb in an easy to carry portable unit.  With not just a Reverb knob but a full featured studio grade unit with Mix, Tone, and Dwell.  This will allow you to dial in a very subtle verb or crank up the dwell to achieve some deep space tone...

TubeVerb - Studio Analog Reverb Unit
You can select your color for the Cabinet Color.
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"I use the TubeVerb with the 22, 50, and 59 in many live and studio situataions.  It's magical, smooth, pure Reverb bliss.  The Mix, Tone, and Dwell allows you to dial up some of the coolest Reverb tones you have ever heard."
Steve "Spanky" St. Pierre