Little Walter Tube Amps

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Created for Vince Gill and Paul Franklin in 2009 this head contains two completely separate chassis.  You can configure this amp to have a pair of 50 watt chassis, a 50 watt and a 22 watt, a pair of AR50 chassis or any combination.  Vince Gill uses a VG50/VG50 for his Telecasters and a VG50/22 with his Strats, Les Pauls, and 335's.  

Studio Musicians can have the Full, Clean tone of the 50 or VG50 and the Breakup of the 22 in one head.  You can also mix a bit of 22 with the 50 to get the unmistakable sound of two completely different amps.  Match your twin head up with a Stereo/Mono 212 speaker cabinet so you can plug either side of your twin into the center jack to play both speakers or plug one chassis into the center and one into the right jack to let each chassis have their own independant 12" speaker. 


50 Module:                            22 Module:                           AR50 Module:
6SC7 Preamp                      6SC7 Preamp                     6SC7 Preamp
6SL7 Phase Inverter            6SC7 Phase Inverter          6SL7 Phase Inverter
6L6 Power Tubes                 6V6 Power Tubes              6550 Power Tubes
5U4 Rectifier                         5Y3 Rectifier                       5U4 Rectifier

"If you want to hear what your instrument
sounds like,  you  should play a Little Walter. 
It's the TRUTH."
                                Vince Gill
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