Little Walter Tube Amps

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Now you can get the original chassis that so many top name artists record and tour with in a portable 12" combo. 

But wait there's more...  We have incorporated our Long Tank, 3 spring tube reverb in the same package.  Not just a Reverb knob but a full featured studio grade unit with Mix, Tone, and Dwell.  This will allow you to dial in a very subtle verb or crank up the dwell to achieve some deep space tone...

These amps have a 6SC7 preamp tube, and a 6SL7 phase inverter tube for that true Octal Tone and Dynamic Response.  The power tubes are a pair of 6L6's and power rectification is handled by a 5U4.

The Tone Stack for the V40 has:  Volume, Bass Cut, and Tone.   This amp is known for it's Warm fat tone and it is an unparalled pedal platform.

The Speaker for this combo is a Specially designed Little Walter 40 watt 4 ohm 12" by Eminence.

You can select your color for the Cabinet and Grill cloth.
V40 with Little Walter S Style Guitar
V40 with Little Walter T Style Guitar
V40 - Combo
Series 8 6L6 powered amp with Studio Reverb
Click Here to View Video of V40 Combo
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