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Meet the Builder / Tube Amp Clinic

When I started playing  guitar in the late 1960's most people understood their
instruments (guitars and basses)    but the amplifier was just something that would
make you as loud as your drummer...    Today, I believe that your amplifier is as
important as your guitar and in fact should be "Instrument Quality" as to match the
level of your instrument.  Come and let me explain some of the "Mysteries" of the
Tube Amp and help you understand how to select the right tool for each of your
recording, playing, or performing needs...

I will discuss:

Pre-Amp tubes, Power Tubes, how to match the proper tubes to your
playing style, venues, instruments, and pickups...

The evolution of the American instrument amplifier as well as the
vacuum tube from first "Octal" design to the more modern "Noval" tubes...

Amp construction types and why it makes a difference for your playing style...

"Wattage" and "Head Room" as well as understanding the chassis output
ohms and how it relates to the speaker cabinets...

Speaker Cabinet construction and how important the right speaker or
combination of speakers is to your playing style...

We will Demonstrate:

The American Vintage Series amps with the  Low-Gain pre amp tubes...

The American Classic Series amps with the Higher-Gain pre amp tubes...

I hope to see you at one of our up-comming
"Meet the Builder / Amp Clinics"


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Phil "Little Walter" Bradbury holds a "Meet the Builder Amp Clinic" at the Famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
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Berkley School of Music, Boston
Hosted by: The Gear Club
4pm - Nov 8th Steve Heck Room
Phil N. Bradbury