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It is our distinct pleasure to announce our partnership with Landon Guitars as we open a new phase in our business. 

We will be offering T Style and S Style guitars as well as P bass and  J Bass in both 4 and  5 string models and our own model, the "4/5 bass". The 4/5 bass has a 4 string neck but the string configuration is  B-E-A-D (top 4 strings of a 5 string). We feel that this will be a "Pocket Players Dream".

Our mission was to create great playing guitars at a price that was below the norm for a top level instrument .   

Our emphasis will be: a great neck, light weight, with pickups as close to the 50's or 60's era instruments, and great hardware and bridges.  It was my dream to just spend money where it counts, which I believe to be in the playability of the instrument. While we will offer you a complete custom design if that is what you choose, we felt there was also a call for an instrument that the working musician could afford, what we would call "Plain Janes".   We will be traveling with our new guitars at all of our "Meet the Builder Amp Clinics" or "PopUp" stores, as we call them, so everyone will have a chance to play them with their favorite Little Walter amp.  These guitars will sell for $1,995 plus shipping and will include a nice TKL Case. 

Check out the selections below.   You pick the body style, Color, Fingerboard (rosewood or maple), pick guard, Tail piece (T style will have a Babicz bridge and S style can have a Babicz "Hard Tail" or Gotoh "Tremelo").  All guitars will come with Hip Shot tuners and Kinman Noisless Pickups.

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"We are very honored to have recently partnered with Phil and Carol Bradbury, of Little Walter Tube Amps in crafting the prototypes for their new line of Guitars and Basses.  Just like their amps, you can expect their inpeccable taste to shine through.  Keep watching as these American made instruments wind their way through final assembly and into Phil's hands for testing. "

              Landon Guitars

Little Walter T-Style in Butterscotch Blonde
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Little Walter S-Style in Banana Pudding
Lake Placid Blue
Sonic Blue
Fiesta Red
Surf Green
Olympic White
Standard Guitar Colors
Standard Pick Guards
Tortoise Shell
White or Pearl
Neck/Fretboard Selections
Tail Piece Selections
T Style Babicz
S Style Babicz Hardtail
S Style Gotoh Trem
Custom Build Shop:

If you have ever dreamed of actually creating "Your Perfect Guitar",  your dream can now be realized. Little Walter in association with Landon Guitars, will offer guitars that can be built with almost unlimited design possibilities...  You design the guitar you want; Neck profile, body style, including wood and finish; Pickups, Hardware and bridge style, etc...  We work up the quote and the build sheets.  Once you are sure everything is just as you want  it, including the price, we will start the build.  
$ 1,995
$ 1,995
Little Walter S-Style in Banana Pudding
$ 1,995
Little Walter T-Style in Transparent Black
$ 1,995