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If you are a bass player you will be amazed at our new approach to Bass Guitars

We are now offering  J Bass and P bass models in both 4 and  5 string models and our own model, the "4/5ths bass". The 4/5ths bass has a 4 string neck but the string configuration is  B-E-A-D (top 4 strings of a 5 string). We feel that this will be a "Pocket Players Dream".

As a bass player my mission was to create the instrument that I have been seraching for throughout my 40 years of playing bass.  The main features on my To-Do list was:  Light Weight, Good Balance, Live Necks, and a Pickup and bridge that worked so well with the body and neck that there would be no need for Preamps and Batteries.   I have always wanted a bass that would do the job without the need for on-board electronics and that aggrivating 9 volt battery...   Working with Landon Guitars we created an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for Bass Players.   We first started with special "CHAMBERED" bodies, Next we added  "HONEY BADGER" pickups and finished it off with a BABICZ bridge.  You really have to play these to believe it.  

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Little Walter P51 J5 in Butterscotch Blonde
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Chambered Body with Honey Badger J Style Pickups and Babicz Bridge.  8 lbs/4oz.
$ 2,995
Little Walter P51J 4/5's Bass in Butterscotch Blonde
Chambered Body with Honey Badger J Style Pickups and Babicz Bridge.  7 lbs/11oz. This is our 4/5's Bass.  B-E-A-D.. The width, weight and balance of a 4 string with the low B.  This bass is for the Pocket Player or the 4 string player that dreams having the low B.
$ 2,495
We also offer standard 4 string and 5 string P and J bass solid body models.

Watch for more of our Little Walter Basses to be listed here soon.