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If you play a Hollow body, Semi Hollow Body, or just want to have a very open, clean, tone with any of your instruments the AR50 will never let you down.  Used on countless recordings and to tour with the AR50 is a very versitile platform.  You can use the 6550 power tubes or replace them with a pair of 6L6's if you want to get a bit more "Hair" on the tone. 


6SC7 Preamp
6SL7 Phase Inverter
6550 or 6L6 Power Tubes
5U4 Rectifier

"The AR50 is the ultimate guitar amplifier for the guitarists who loves round clean, full and clear tone with plenty of power. In a lightweight portable  format.  It has proven to be a perfect amp for the working jazz musician.  Phil Bradbury and I worked long and hard to perfect this amplifier, and I proudly stand behind it - or rather in front of it! "
                                                                                     - Andy Reiss, Time Jumpers & Studio Guitarist, Nashville, TN
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