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The 80 was originally designed as a Pedal Steel platform but has shown to be much more.   Vince Gill used it on several songs from the Bakersfield Album, Jimmy Capps uses it on the Larry's Country Diner TV show with his acoustic guitar, Reggie Young used it on the last Reunion Concert of the "Memphis Boys" at Graceland, and Joe Spivey and Larry Franklin of the Time Jumpers both use it for their Fiddles.  This amp is the one I suggest for customers playing acoustic instruments, or Pedal Steel when you don't need the extra horsepower of the higher gain "89".  This chassis also is wonderful for large bodied guitars.


6SC7 Preamp
6SL7 Phase Inverter
KT120 or KT88 Power Tubes
GZ34 Rectifier

"These amps sound unbelievably amazing in the studio, but they're also a great live amp. I have been using my LWTA Twin 80 watt head this year on the 2014 Rewind Tour with Rascal Flatts. Not only is it the best sounding amp I've ever toured with, but it has been the ultimate in reliability and consistency over the entire 6 month run. It has ridden countless miles in the back of a semi truck, been banged around on loading docks all over the country, and endured extreme weather and temperature changes. Yet night after night, when I walk out on stage, that little blue light is as bright as ever, and I know that I'm gonna hear the sweetest tone I've ever heard."
                                                                                                                      Travis Toy, Rascal Flatts

Joe Spivey's 80 Combo
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