Little Walter Tube Amps

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The Original Little Walter Tube Amp.   This is the  chassis that put us on the map.  Voume, Bass Roll-Off, and Tone.  This amp exemplifies the True American Tone.  This is the chassis that allowed us to prove my "Phil-Osophy"  The shortest signal path equals the purest tone...

This 50 watt amp was created for players to have the ability to incorporate dynamic response in their playing.  You can finesse a run and accent the exact note or phrase simply by digging in...  This amp is truly transparent and allows you to hear exactly what you and your instrument sound like.

This amp has the VG Tone Stack.  The VG tone stack has a Bass Roll Off as well as Volume and Tone.  This will alow you to achieve a bit more top end sparkle.


6SC7 Preamp
6SL7 Phase Inverter
6L6 Power Tubes
5U4 Rectifier

"I never thought anything would get me away from my Black Face Deluxe until I found the Little Walter 50 watt. "
- Reggie Young, World Famous Touring and Studio Guitarist, Liepers Fork, TN
   The Standard 2 Knob Original                    Vince Gill's touring rig with the VG 3 knob tone stack
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