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If you like the sweet tone of the 22 and the way you can achieve really nice natural tube overdrive but feel you may need a bit more head room Then the 44 is the amp for you.  While all the Vintage American Series 8 amps have the dynamic response that octal tubes are known for this amp goes way beyond...   There is some magic in mating a pair of octal preamp tubes to 4 6V6 power tubes.   Once you get acquainted with this amp you can add a third dimension to your playing.

As with the 22, you would set the volume for the most breakup tone you would be using in the venue. Then you would roll your instrument volume back a bit to achieve as clean a sound as you wish with no loss of tonality. A slight roll of the volume pot on your instrument will give you the overdriven breakup you want on demand.


6SC7 Preamp
6SC7 Phase Inverter
6V6 Power Tubes
5Y3 Rectifier

"When Walter Becker of Steely Dan plugged into the 44 in our store (Austin Guitar House) he played for just a few seconds and said This amp is mine... "
- Oz Hofstatter., Austin Guitar House, Austin, Texas
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