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Our  22 amp has a bright channel normal channel with their own seperate volume controls and a single tone control for both channels.

This amp is being used by slide, lap steel, and guitar players. Unlike the really clean 50 series amps, this amp is capable of great breakup tone but still boasts great volume and character.

The 22 watt amp was created for players to have the ability to achieve a desirable breakup tone whilst having enough head room to play a larger room. Based on the original 15 watt chassis but with a larger power and output transformer this amp has quickly proven itself in the blues arena with players such as Vince Gill, who uses it for small clubs and big arenas, as well as for recording.

The remarkable thing about this amp is the way you set it up on stage. You would set the volume for the most breakup tone you would be using in the venue. Then you would roll your instrument volume back a bit to achieve as clean a sound as you wish with no loss of tonality. A slight roll of the volume pot on your instrument will give you the overdriven breakup you want on demand.


6SC7 Preamp
6SC7 Phase Inverter
6V6 Power Tubes
5Y3 Rectifier

"We love using the 22 watt combo for Recordings or on stage. It doesn't matter what type of music, country, rock, blues, gospel, it just doesn't matter. The Little Walter amp is the best."
- Tim Smith, Sound Emporium Studio, Nashville, TN
To hear the bluesy overdriven tone of the 22 watt click here:
To hear the warm, clean  tone of the 22 watt click here:
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